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MRBJ : Risk Management.

Why Risk It? - Project Risks should not be a series of random events - Predict and Mitigate

Risk Management for Projects

Risks are an inherent part of project life. They will always exist and cannot be ignored, hidden or subcontracted - they must be faced. This is the first step towards Risk Management.


The magnitude and frequency of risks encountered will clearly be related to the nature of the project. Understanding the difficulty of the task with respect to the capability of the organisation is the first stage in a thinking process aimed at improving the control of risks.


This web site is intended to be a free resource providing techniques to improve risk management gained from experience in the Aerospace Industry.

Risk Management Basics

A short tutorial on the basic techniques which can be found in most text books. A starting point but there is more to learn ....

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Risk Management Training

Many project managers will believe that already know the basics but there is often room for improvement...

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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned are important for avoiding problems in the future but how many organisations take notice ...

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